The Blackpowder Explorers and Associated Rifleman ​(B.E.A.R)  

Our club was founded in 1979 in preparation for the 1980 BC Games by a small group of men and women who had a passion for muzzleloading  guns and the ways of the past. We try to portray the ways of the mountain men and wood runners (courreur de bois). Some call it "living history"”.

Today it is more family oriented by dressing in period costumes at rendezvous throughout British Columbia. We portait anywhere from the 1640's to 1840's.

Step back to a time where you can sit and visit around a campfire and hear good stories, share good food and good times.

At rendezvous we have shooting competitions, trail walks, tomahawk and knife throws, women's and children's games. We can also be found just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Meetings are held at the Central Okanagan Search and Rescue meeting room every second Wednesday of every month starting at 7:00pm. 

All are welcome!

About Us

Todd and Mike 

Club President/Vice President


Todd and Mike, relative new comers to the sport, have taken on the role of president and vice president respectively.


Although involved in blackpowder for only three seasons now, both have embraced blackpowder and have been proactive in all aspects of club activities.


Both plan to continue promoting the club and it's endeavors in this ever growing adventure we call blackpowder.   


Range Manager


Three years ago Shayne was a diehard “modern” shooter.  Then he found “Black Powder” and hasn’t really looked back.


He has been instrumental in changing the landscape of not only our range targets but also pushing ahead a long term dream of a new primitive area.





Irene, a long time member of the B.E.AR. club has always promoted women in black-powder.

A proficient shooter in her own wright, Irene has proven her place among seasoned black-powder enthusiasts of both sexes.

Her executive talents a being used as treasurer.  


Range Officer


Merv is a long time member of the B.E.A.R. club.

Merv has put on many hats over the years, from president to treasurer and of course shares his knowledge as range officer.

If there is something happening in the club, you can be sure Merv is envolved.